What We Do

To cut a long story short, we make spaces look and feel extraordinary; because designing interiors is not just about building walls or putting pieces of furniture together. Redwood Interiors guides you through every step of designing the interiors of your home or office—from conceiving the design to its actual execution. Understanding our client’s brief, infusing it with our creative spark and executing the chosen design concept is what our team does. Be it structural design, interior décor or the overall service, we put in our best efforts and do not compromise on anything.

Our Services

Interior Design

The confluence of concept, innovation, creativity, technical feasibility, finances and target time results in the birth of inspiring interior designs.Our team of interior designers is led by skilled professionals who create the perfect designs as per your needs. We give priority to your ideas

Architectural Design and landscaping

The essence of the interiors must reflect in the exteriors. At Redwood Interiors, we do architectural designs and landscaping, keeping this vision in mind. We create outdoor spaces that are in perfect balance with the indoors. The appearance and the style of landscape

Project Management

Once we commit to a project, we guide the client through every phase. You will be updated about every new product in the market and guided through to make the most suitable choices. A well-organised team will be assisting you all through the project to assure the best work quality.